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Problem with Taxidermist

TGBTG7701TGBTG7701 North West FL Posts: 5 Greenhorn
I am having a major issue with a Taxidermist. I dropped off a buck cape, 1 year and 3 months ago, and as of yet nothing. The shop will not answer the phone, or messages, nothing. The last time I heard from the Taxidermist was February of this year. I am beyond ticked off, this was a buck I hunted for over 2 years and one of the biggest and nicest buck to ever be taken from this area. What can I do? All I have is a memory and a picture, but I wanted him on my wall. Any legal action I can take? 


  • Sixth GenerationSixth Generation Posts: 902 Officer
    Have you driven to his shop?  Is it nearby?  I had a taxidermist pass away one time and was like you wondering what’s up.  Went to his shop and picked up my mount and paid his widow.  She didn’t know who or what and knew when I saw my deer it was mine.  Hope you the best.  I would not let it go.  Time is your enemy.  Good luck and let us know what happens.
  • TGBTG7701TGBTG7701 North West FL Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    It is about 50 miles from my house. The taxidermist at one time was doing a lot of work and very good work, but I do not think she is doing any taxidermy now. She told me when I dropped the cape off it would be 6-8 months at the longest, she was a single mother and needed the business. I am going to call and talk with the police in that county and see if there is anything I can do. It is very obvious she does not care about getting my mount back, or being a honest person.  
  • awayaway Posts: 452 Deckhand
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    I would show up in person before calling the police. She could have just taken on more than she can handle. If so I'd recommend leaving with your deer and taking it elsewhere. 
  • Sixth GenerationSixth Generation Posts: 902 Officer
    For sure show up in person and would give her the benefit or doubt.  Be ready to give her some $$ even if it hasn’t been mounted and you should be good.
  • swampdogswampdog Central FloridaPosts: 2,479 Captain
    One never knows. She may have a legitimate issue and may be trying to finish the mount. Not answering the phone is poor, but give her the benefit of the doubt. 
  • bottom feederbottom feeder Posts: 1,400 Officer
    You might try contacting the local game warden.

    Leaving Florida... take a developer with you!

  • josh_scott84josh_scott84 Palm HarborPosts: 774 Officer
    50 miles? Really?

    You put in 2 years of work on the deer but won't drive an hour to check in person?
  • altuckaltuck TallahasseePosts: 188 Deckhand
    50 miles? Really?

    You put in 2 years of work on the deer but won't drive an hour to check in person?
    This. is what I am thinking, if the whole thing is not just in OP's mind
  • MissedMissed O-townPosts: 457 Deckhand
    I would not leave antlers at a taxidermy shop any more.  They usually cape em quick and cut the horns off - give the deposit and tell him you'll bring the rack back once the cape is tanned and he's ready to start the work.

    At least you have a picture.  While it feels good to help the underdog, you knowingly gave your mount to a person in an unstable position in life.  

    Hope it all works out.
  • MCSHunterMCSHunter Posts: 666 Officer
    Good luck to you TGBTG. I kinda agree that I would drive the fifty miles and knock on the door. Heck, I drive 200+ miles to scout when I draw a good hunt. Like others have said, she might have a valid reason for the delay. I have an awesome taxidermist in Orlando and have never hesitated leaving him my cape and horns.
    Keep us posted.
  • DoradoDreaminDoradoDreamin Posts: 2,098 Captain
    Shot a buck in November 2019.  Just got it back in March of this year thanks to Covid.  Tannery the taxidermist used was shut down for a while and taxidermist got behind in his work.  Still turned out great.  I would drive it like others have said.  Hope you get it back!
  • swampdogswampdog Central FloridaPosts: 2,479 Captain
    Any update TGBT?
  • nofishtodaynofishtoday Posts: 1,324 Officer
    COVID screwed up a lot of the Norm 

    I would take the ride 
    last week !!!!!!!!
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