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Help oput a Philly guy???

Hi All,

I'm from the Philadelphia area and drove down to Boca for two weeks of training for work. I specifically drove down so that I could bring my fishing gear with me. My buddy that I work with flew down, so I drove his gear down with me.

First a little background on what kind of fishing I'm used to. For freshwater I fish all the local lakes and rivers for largemouth and smallmouth bass. I mostly throw Berkley Power Worm. For saltwater, I use my kayak to drift for summer flounder, blues, weakfish; mostly by jigging Berkley Gulp on a 1/2 jioghead. At night I paddle my kayak around the bridges for stripers; throwing mostly a 6" white grub on a jighead.

Now that I'm down in Boca, we'll fish the local ponds and canals for bass. Should I stick with the Power Worms? I prefer to fish a worm and work it, rather than just cast and retrieve a lure. For saltwater, I really have no idea what to do. I'm familar with the inlet that's south of Boca and the fishing pier that's a little farther south. For lures, I brought some jigheads, 6" curly tail white grubs, Berkley Gulp swimming minnows, and some chrome Rattletraps.

I know there's a Bass Pro Shop in Ft Lauderdale, but I'd rather shop a local tackle shop to support them. Any sggestions on a good local shop?

Have no fear, I will be getting the licenses needed to fish. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. I'll post reports too.




  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,439 Admiral
    Hi Al,

    Welcome to our part of the world.... and to the best fishing forum around!!!

    I personally don't know much about fresh water fishing but I'm sure some of our members will chime in.

    If you go to the main forum menu, there is also a FRESHWATER FISHING section so what I am going to do is copy this post to that section so it will run in both.. ok?

    Good luck and hope you have tight lines.


  • RollinRollin Posts: 1,549 Captain
    Go through the old posts on here, you're going to find plenty of info. Start by adding Zoom Horny Toads to your arsenal. I like the Owner 5/0 offset hook and sometimes I like the 4/0. Throw that puppy down the canal ahead of you and work it back towards you a foot or so from the bank.
    If you can throw it across the canal and hit the other bank and bounce it into the water that is also a good move. I sometimes will dead stick them to the bottom too.

    Senkos are good and so are Flukes and of course worms of all kinds.

    Good luck and let us know how you do.
  • akozolsakozols Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the replies. Thursday night, my buddy(Mike) and I hit the canal after training. We got there about 5pm. I threw a black/blue 6" Power worm and got a small bass. Mike threw a KVD crankbait and nailed a 5 pounder. We've been back there a few times; day, morning, evening and haven't caught anything since.

    Tonight I went there after dark from 7:00 to 8:30pm. I threw a black Power Worm and worked it dead slow without any luck.

    We noticed that the a few miles down the canal, it connects to the intercoastal, but we're not sure if there's a dam between the two. Are there different types of canals that are better than others.


  • gotfishyfingers?gotfishyfingers? Posts: 52 Deckhand
    For freshwater check out the canals around glades road and the turnpike, ANY GOLF COURSE or water connecting to one.Try topwater. Like Rollin said try flukes or stickbaits. Your power warm and crankbaits should work just fine anywhere. If your ever unsure if the water is brackish- or strictly fresh, just taste it.
  • akozolsakozols Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Hey Guys,

    Here's a quick update on how we're making out. Our hotel is on Yamato Rd next to I-95, so I've been fishing the canal that goes parallel to 95 and goes under Yamato Rd. I'm not sure if that's considered a "good" canal to fish for bass. I've been getting up at 4am each morning and chilling out with a HUGE mug of coffee and hacking on the web for a bit. At 5am I'll hit the canal to do some fishing. Since it's dark, I'm throwing a 7 Black Power Worm. I'm getting one or two small bass each morning. Yesterday, I went to BPS and got some 10" black Culprit worms since I figured the bigger profile would help in the dark. I ended up getting only one bass this morning using the Culprit.

    On Sunday we walked down the path next to the canal and found a pond. I caught 5 bass in 10 minutes. About 18 years ago, I was sent to Boca for training and I fished that same pond. BAck then I was new to bass fishing and really didn't know what I was doing. I threw a red shad Culprit and caught a bass that measured 23". I didn't have a scale, so I measured and released the fish. Now that I think about it, it was a very nice fish.

    Every morning this week, I've been getting up early and hitting the canal at 5:30am. Since it's still dark, I'm using a 10" black Culprit worm. I'm getting a couple of bass each morning, but nothing big...........yet.

    I think tonight after training we are going to look for another canal to try.
  • Indian River JoelIndian River Joel Posts: 362 Officer
    try throw some yozuri stick baits. I've down well with them in South Florida for both largemouths and peacocks (dont know if you'll get any of these this time of year because freshwater isnt my speciality). I have done pretty well with obnoxious colors like bright orange and chartuese
    "Indian River" Joel
  • bmoodybmoody Posts: 992 Officer
    https://public.myfwc.com/CrossDoi/Publications/Internet/sSearch.aspx Search for "Canal", and know you have to hit the submit button, rather than just hitting "return/enter".

    C-14 and Hillsboro are likely the closest to you. There is also a publication on butterfly peacock. If you're free on the weekend, other options become available to you.
    One general tip, don't grow roots -- by that I mean keep moving, in those smaller ponds and canals keep moving down the shoreline and casting in front of you as you move. I've found that the fish spook fairly easily, but in their confined area, in those waters. Also don't neglect a topwater in the dark/very low light -- given a bit of moon and a lateral line bass can find a chug bug or similar quite well, even if you can't really see it. You'll hear it when they crush it.
  • Boatless-In-BrowardBoatless-In-Broward Posts: 78 Deckhand
    Welcome to FLA. Like gotfishy said, Glades and the Turnpike is a good spot. There are also peacock bass in there so bring some bringhtly colored Rapalas (Husky Jerks & minnows) in the 2-3/4" size. bmoody's advice on C-14 and Hillsboro canals is sound. If you're are heading that way I recommend using Horny Toads to target snakeheads. Use a 7/0 Owner wide gap plus hook and stout tackle for those beasts! There are some big suckers out there, I'm talkin' 10 pounders - some, slightly north of that! Also, any of the tributary canals and lakes branching off those main canals are golden. I'll trade ya some more spots for a cheesesteak! Tight lines, Scott
  • akozolsakozols Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Hey Guys,

    Tomorrow(Thursday) is our last night here. We want to go out with a bang, so we're going to change locations. We decided that we're going to fish the canals at the Turnpike and Glades. In fact, years ago, I stayed at the Hilton there and fished the canals and did pretty well. Two of the other students in our class are staying at the Hilton, so the plan is to get out of school early(hopefully), fish the canals, then after it gets dark, head to the Hilton for Happy Hour.

    Question,,,,,,,,which is better, the east or west side canal?

    Boatless-in-Broward; A cheesesteak won't survive the trip, but if you ever make it up to the Philly area, I'll hook you up with the largemouth, smallmouth, or saltwater(fluke, blues, stripers). My buddy bought some Horny Toads and has been getting used to fishing them.

    Bmoody; tonight we are going out to dinner and should be home by 10pm. Maybe afterwards I'll hit the canal and throw some topwater.

    I'll post reports.

  • akozolsakozols Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Here's the final report from the Philly guys. Thursday night was our last chance to fish. We took the advice and hit the canal at Glades and the Turnpike. Got there about and hour before dusk. Mike threw a 4" Senko, I threw a black Power worm and switched over to a red shad Power Worm. Mike kicked my butt. I had a few pickkups that I couldn't hook, but Mike ended up landing 11 bass. I never fished a Senko before, but I think I'm going to add them to me arsenal.

    Now it's time to make the drive back to the cold NE where I won't be able to fish till the Spring....bummer.

    Thanks for the advice and take care,

  • Good deal man. Senkos are a very versatile bait. Sounds like the fish may have been suspended toward the center of the water column instead of on the bottom. In which case, an unweighted, slow falling Senko would be the ticket. Have a great trip back.
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