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Crossbows on WMA's?

CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
I see they opened seasons for crossbows at least on state level but do not know if they're legal on wma land or more specificly in Corbett... My shoulder is buggered for a while and was reading to get a disabled permit one must be 80% permanently disabled... I'm not gonna fudge paperwork and declare "permanent" over some tore up shoulder issues that should be better in a year or two. Does anybody know definitively if crossbows are allowed during bow in part of any season or have a season of their own in wmas especially corbett?


  • huntmstrhuntmstr Posts: 6,290 Admiral
    You can not use a crossbow in Corbett except during general gun season or if you are disabled.

    FYI, you can obtain a cross bow permit even with a temporary injury. So long as your doctor states you can't operate your bow and are 80% disabled in your arm or shorlder at this time, you can get it. They have to be renewed annually any way unless you get the permanent disability certificate.
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  • huntmstrhuntmstr Posts: 6,290 Admiral
    Correction, it's been changed. Use to be you could have temporary disability. Now it says PERMANENT. It may be worth it to get a doctor to fudge it for you anyway.
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    I had you pissed off at hello.
  • ShineShine Posts: 834 Officer
    You may want to try a vertical bow like the Diamond Razors Edge and see if that works. About a $330 investment and you can sell it pretty quick on AT for about $250 in a year or two. It will dial down to lower weight than is legal. @ 42# and 28” draw, it will propel a 364 grain arrow at about 221 fps. Dialed up to 55# with the same equipment and its about 246 fps. So, it would work if you could pull it. Ask to try one in the pro shop set to 40#s - it may work with your shoulder. Even if you go down to 35#, you are still going to be above fps speed of most traditional shooters if your draw length is 28 or longer.
  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
    The bow I have I can dial down. I have it set like at 57 right now down from 65... My shoulder is a sometimes thing There are days I can draw it fine and others it locks up with hardly any pull at all. I'm in Jersey mako and tuna fishing right now and up here they allow them so I keep it here. Was thinking if legal down there I'd bring it back down home... Not the end of the world, I can deal with the shoulder thing. Just do a couple test pulls before I head out. Don't want to find out once I drove out there that I can't pull...
  • gamehunter1023gamehunter1023 Posts: 467 Officer
    If it were me i would get the disability permit. why should you not bow hunt for a year or two and if ya do, you owe it to the animal you are hunting to make a ethical shot as to where a shoulder injury may cause a bad placement shot. good luck
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