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need a recipe for pheasant

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Title says it all.  Son shot several and gave me one


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    saw this on another site. looks good. i've fried em, stuffed em and smothered em and smothered was the best to me. they're pretty dry meat.
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    If you want to get fancy. Place breasts filleted off the bone between wax paper and use a meat mallet to smash them thin then place fresh baby spinach on flat then diced jalapeno and cheese (I like Colby jack or a good sharp cheddar)and diced cooked bacon. Roll it up and give it a little egg wash dust them with a little bread crumb and put in the oven at 350 for about 20 or thirty minutes. Pretty good stuff, I love me some ditch chickens.

    le se' bon ton roulet
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    Made an absolutely unreal white bean chili/stew with pheasant last year. By far the best way I've ever made pheasant. To be honest, I don't remember the exact recipe but this is what I remember:

    Cook the breasts and legs (bone in) in the crock pot with some celery, onions, carrots, bay leaf, whatever aromatics you'd like. Cook until fork tender. Remove the meat and shred it up like pulled pork and be wary of any pellets that may be lingering. Save some of the liquid in the pot, this will be your stock. 

    In a pot I sautéd some onions, garlic, chorizo (from the legit hard sausages not the ground stuff), and green chiles (not too much green chiles). I can't remember if I used jalapenos or another type of pepper. Then I added in the pheasant stock, white beans (I believe I used a can of canelli and can of great white northern beans). Add whatever spices salt, pepper, cumin, oregano, paprika, chili powder, cayenne, whatever you like. Let simmer and reduce for a little.

    Use a spoon/fork/masher of some sort and mash up some of the beans. Don't mash them all up but mashing some will thicken the consistency. You could even add half the beans first, simmer, then mash, then add the other half of the beans. Add some cream or whole milk as well to thicken consistency, give it a creamy texture, and cut a little spice. Let that reduce for a little. Make sure it doesn't boil because you don't want the milk to curdle. 

    When you think you're about 20 minutes from completion add your shredded pheasant, corn, and some more chiles (depending on how much spice you like). You can add some cilantro, chives, green onion tops, and/or sour cream to serve. I served it over pasta but you could easily eat it plain. Highly highly suggest this recipe. 
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    Pheasants turn out really dry if not done right. This guy, Hank Shaw, has it all figured out and offers a bunch of recipes:

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