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Fishing Report

Just a quick report. I went out Tuesday, got a later morning start than I wanted. I primarily wanted to scout out the Hog Key campsite near Lostmans. I went through the backside and stopped to fish just a couple of times, no luck. When I got to Lostmans, I caught I pretty nice snook and later a Nice fat Red. The Red was kept for dinner. Both were caught on a bucktail with a Gulp Shrimp. Lot's to see along the way!  My idea to camp at Hog Key might not work, low tide is a no go for my boat to reach the spot. But otherwise, a fantastic day!


  • 10kman10kman Posts: 795 Officer
      Fishing out of Goodland was much easier than 
    prior week with huge high and lows in tide.Small
    snook the usual number but fishing partner
    caught a 38"snook Tues.But about hour before
    high tide the trout kicked in with five caught in
    15 minutes.Silver Terroeaz from DOA with bit
    of shrimp the hot lure.
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