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2 Inshore trips and a new addiction

Fished twice this week. 

Wednesday targeted sheepshead around Mayport.  Fished the entire outgoing tide.  I caught way more than I need, and kept three that were over 16 inches.  Bigger fish hit later in the tide.  Used fiddlers.  B&M is my favorite bait shop.  I feel like 12 inches is too small to keep, only kept 16inches and up.  My best setup is a small dropper rig with the hook 4 inches above the weight, about 4 inches off the line.  I use a #1 0r 1.0 owner super needle point hook.  Keeping the hook above the weight helps me feel the bottom and bite better.  Other guys swear by the jigs, but I have better luck my way.  I use a 7 foot st croix set up with 20 pound braid and 30 lb fluorocarbon attached by an FG knot.  

Saturday I went out of vilano before sunrise and my plan was to throw artificials.  I started with topwater and I am now addicted.  Caught a ton on 15 inche trout, one 24 inch trout and one 27 inch redfish.  I let everything go.  I am getting soft....  the redfish bite was incredible, topwater is worth putting in work to learn.  

Instead of 12-14 hour days lately, I am doing half day trips. I think it works out better without burning it from both ends and taking some of the fun out of it.

I'll add pictures below.


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