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Speedo Surprise

uplandbirddoguplandbirddog Gulf StreamPosts: 74 Deckhand
While spearfishing the other day we had a fat school of Speedos (mackerel or redtail scad) swirling around our chum block the whole time. They were about 12" long, looked thick and meaty and I couldn't help wondering how they taste. So I caught two, bled them immediately, and filet them and removed bloodline. They were **** near all meat with no pin bones or anything minus the spine and rib cage and the meat looked like mackerel meat. Turned some into a scad poké bowl...excellent. Tried pickling some like herring...average. Pan fried some in butter with garlic powder, salt, and pepper...whatever the ranking above excellent is. I was so shocked by how good this bait fish tasted. I highly suggest you try it. If you find yourself skunked with a livewell full of speedos, you won't be disappointed. 


  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 9,266 Admiral
    Speedo’s or the Pacific Scad equivalent are one of the primary fish consumed in the Philippines. I have had them many. many times and yes they are very good. Goggle Eyes are good also.

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