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Native Ultimate 14.5 Hybrid Kayak

Native Watercraft 14.5 Ultimate Hybrid Kayak. Get ready for the Fall/Winter backerwater Reds and Trout. This is a dry kayak and steady enough to stand up and fish.This thing is loaded with everything you need!! Many things are still brand new. Native bow skirt(new) not installed yet, Native first class seat, Native front cooler, Engel back cooler with rod holders, Scotty rod launchers off the back, Bending Branches Ace Carbon Fiber paddle, Native Smart Cart(dolly),foot pegs,Native folding prep table, Cabela's Kayak Life Vest, Native paddle holder(New),Propel paddle leash(New), kayak cleat(New),Scotty Track Adapter (New), Dry bag(New), Kayak anchor, wet sponge, Fish measuring stick and kayak hanger for garage. Become part of the Native Kayak fishing tribe, you'll be glad you did!! This is a steal and won't last long, easily worth $2000 with all the accessories. All my kayak buddies have moved away and the wife wants it gone, come help save my marriage!! Must pick up in SW Gainesville.


  • AaronCannonAaronCannon Pinellas County Posts: 953 Officer
    Its worth what you can sell it for.
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