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weird catch today

ivnivn gvillePosts: 84 Deckhand
Had a really weird catch today.  Was fishing off the dock at Shell Mound over by Cedar Key, using some fish bites on a 1/0 circle hook on the bottom w/ a 2oz weight.

Caught a grunt (4" or so) and a sand trout (13") at the same time, hooked together on their lips.  Guess they were fighting over my bait and I got lucky with the hook set.

I've caught doubles before running two hooks (popano rig style) or when using a lure with multiple hooks (think Rapala like lure w/ multiple trebles hanging off it), but never before 2 fish on one standard hook.


  • jdl1948jdl1948 Posts: 129 Deckhand
    I caught one fish on two hooks once.  Trolled up a bite and, bringing it in, it got heavier.  Reeled in a lizard fish with two lures in his mouth.  Apparently he was hooked on the way-back lure, then grabbed the short line on the way in. He was either real hungry or very pissed./
  • bottom feederbottom feeder Posts: 1,410 Officer
    I caught three little striped bass once on a top water plug with two trebles.

    Leaving Florida... take a developer with you!

  • BryanCBryanC Posts: 644 Officer
    My brother caught two good-size (~20 lb) AJs on one popper a couple years ago.  He had his hands full with a Saragosa 6000 spinning reel.
  • Russ57Russ57 FloridaPosts: 45 Deckhand
    With a Sabiki rig I've caught one fish on a lot of hooks when a Barracuda decided he wanted my bait fish.  Never would have landed him without all those little hooks embedded in his side.

    Then you have the two fish on one hook situation when Mr. Barracuda decides your snapper is going to be his dinner.  It is also the only time I can remember breaking a rod from a fishing act.  I just couldn't stop myself from trying to yank that snapper out of his mouth in time.

    I finally wised up and decided to target cuda.  Caught a bunch of 40#+ ones on 12-15# class spinning gear.
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