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Mangrove Snappers in Islamorada... we make Peruvian Ceviche!

syxxsyxx Posts: 92 Deckhand
Fun time yesterday with Bean and Astrid... getting some fishing in before this tropical storm hits! We catch some nice mangroves in the bay, and Astrid makes some authentic Peruvian Ceviche! Fun times and cool video. Make sure to subscribe!

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  • MangroveMarkMangroveMark Oak HillPosts: 449 Deckhand
    Haha, typical post here with over 500 views and no responses until now. After watching two of the guys catch fish and the gal not catching yet, I couldn't watch to the end to see the Peruvian ceviche recipe although my son made a great ceviche with my five mangroves that I caught off of the dock at Key West a couple of weeks ago.
  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 9,682 Admiral
    I made some ceviche out of some Rosies yesterday and finished it today. Good stuff. 

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