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Weather, Bass Don't Care

10 Nov 2020...C-54...Can not post this on FaceBook, in jail again.  They do not like “Looters Need To Be Shot”.  Weather conditions were not the best.  Wind a little higher than predicted.  A couple of short downpours in the game, still not a bad day.  Bass numbers a little off, only 32 for the day.  Bass were full spectrum 6 inches up to 16 inches, majority in the 12” to 14” range,   Little leary on the start, first cast a 16 inch Bass.  In my mind, not a good omen for the day.  Spent most of the day working a Lindy Dancin Crappie Tube Jig and the Mr Crappie Sausage Jig.  The target for the day was Bream.  Could not begin to get a count, way too many, all way too small.  Only managed 2 Speck , both less than 12 inches.  Mayan Cichlids, are hard fighting and plentiful.  Really strange, very few Gar working only saw three rolling.  All players released for another day.


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