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Headed out of Rod and Gun late morning in PTPC's boat, low tide.  Ran to bait spot, totally blacked out the well, two throws.  Got a couple of small jacks.  Headed across the way on the incoming, many 18-24" snukes, snappers, ladies, etc.  Stopped for lunch.  While PTPC was eating, I threw a scrimp tipped jig, yellow, got a 22" red, invited it into the cooler.  Bunches of the same size snuke as earlier both on the live bait and the jig.  I got another smaller red on the jig and released it.  Got a nice surprise small flounder jiggin around out front.  Ran into the back around 1500 hours and pitched bait on the last of the riser, very limited success.  When the tide started falling again we pitched baits into a smallish creek and caught a couple of dozen snukes between 16" and 22".  Ran back to Rod and Gun, emptied the live well to no pops of game fish tearing into them, pretty quiet actually.  The weather was fantastic, great company and a good bite almost all day.  We been doing this kinda' thing together for close to 20 years now and never have tired of it.  Can't wait 'til next time!  Sorry, no pix, we have way too many......

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