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Near miss

14 Oct 2020...Wabasso/Vero... Getting ready for a tournament, so once again. spent most of the day working areas that were non productive in the past.  Most still lacking.  First stop of the day, Pine Island.  Snapper and short Trout, whopper was barely legal.  Afternoon run, biggest Snook of the day, just under 20 inches.  Hobart, slow Snapper and a 5 pound Sailcat.  Worked the Sisters, not much in the area, two boats working.  Pulled an 18 inch anorexic  Flounder out of the Mangroves.  Went Sheepshead hunting, Johns Island/Vero, looking for tournament fish.  Goal is to get one over 24 inches.  The water is still dirty, so sight fishing is not easy.  Went 5 for 9, 3 legal.  Saw a few in the 20 inch range, but no takers.  Working the Mangroves, silver flash, solid hit.  First jump OK, second jump still good.  Third jump hit the gunnel on the way down, real deep breath, have had them in the boat green a few times, not fun.  Few casts later, solid hit.  Lots of jumps, 1 for 2 on Tarpon today.   All players released for future encounters.


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