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CCA Final Day For Me

30 Sept 2020...Wabasso/Vero...Slow day.  Can  still blame it on the king Tide.  Water levels are still way up.  The rain seems to have cleared the water up, a lot of clear areas.  Last day for the CCA hunt for the tagged Red.  Finished with 1 Snook, 5 Red, 6 Trout, 8 Tarpon and 686 Conservation entries.  Lot of chances at some very good prizes. The predominant species today were Tarpon, Jacks and Ladyfish.  As is normal, the Tarpon were in the dirtiest water.  One area had 8 rolling and one active feeder, couldn't buy a hit.  Only hit came at a Mosquito pipe when the tide started to run.  Water flowing out was a deep coffee with cream.  Normally skip this one, but something was tearing up the neighborhood.  Saw a pair of Tarpon rolling.  Long cast, felt that it was short.  As soon as the Baby Vudu Shrimp hit the water, a solid bump.  Good hookset, very short run with 6 jumps.  Deep hooked in the upper jaw.  Quick photo and back to the game.  Working docks was almost impossible, water even with the bottom on most of them.  Vero/Johns Island.  Water ripping through the culverts.  Jacks in the two pound rang eating everything that was moving.  Rolled one Tarpon at the boat.  Working the Mangroves for Snook was almost impossible, Ladies were at most of the ambush spots.  Thought that I had hooked bottom, turned out to be a lazy Little Ugly.  Most of the Snapper today were in the 9 inch range.  All players released for future encounters.
Duckman...Tarpon came out of one of your spots.


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