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St. Pete 9-26 120'-170'

Did a small tournament with a buddy I haven't fished with in a while. Our goal was to get a winning AJ, Mango, and possibly try to get a Tuna for the bonus category and then focus on RG. We got a late start due to alarm clock issues so we headed out at 0730 but had lots of pinfish, live shrimp and some huge mullet i netted along with frozen dines. The trips on the seahunter got us out to the RG grounds fast and we picked off a handful of keepers up to 26" and also a nice 20lb tuna but we needed bigger RG but didnt want to waste much time doing so, and decided to head to a wreck in 170' to get some big AJ's. They were there and within 30 mins we had a couple 60lbers in the box with a couple 40lbers as well and also lost a few bigger ones. The big mullet were key to the big one's for sure. With not a lot of time to mess around with weigh ins at 4pm, we headed to a mango spot in 83' and put out the chum. The mangs fired off almost immediately. Got a few big boys in the 25-26" range and they were every drop. Awesome bite and wish i had more time to take advantage of the good bite. Also had a few big gag break offs as well. Would have been nice to get a few of those. Only had an hr to fish for mangs and got like 12 in the box and headed in. Biggest mangs were caught on live pins dropped down on 3/8oz pearl white SnappaSlappa jigs. We ended up winning the fishing part of the tourney with biggest AJ, biggest Mango, biggest bonus fish(Tuna) and biggest snapper/grouper aggregate. Had a great time with great people most importantly. Time for bed, headed out with Paul(captbly) in am. Hopefully we'll have another report for you soon! Till next time, tight lines! 



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