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Tony RomaTony Roma Posts: 845 Officer
you and your family are taken hostage by a hoard of mutant grizzly bears. Their demands are as follows. You have 1 hour to produce a single fish, caught on hook and line, or they will proceed in eating your family. Where would you go. What rod and reel would you take. And what bait would you use. Reminder 1 hour. 


  • BooBooBooBoo Vero BeachPosts: 86 Deckhand
    edited September 19 #2
    Fish hatchery. Rod would be any, bait would be current hatchery food. 
  • Tony RomaTony Roma Posts: 845 Officer
    Is it within 1 hour away? Could be an intense low budget movie. 
  • Tony RomaTony Roma Posts: 845 Officer
    Nice snook by the way, spent many a night at Sebastian as a kid
  • BooBooBooBoo Vero BeachPosts: 86 Deckhand
    Thanks Tony Roma! Good point on the distance.... a quick Google search indicates you’re distance concerns are founded. I revise my answer to the nearest Cabela’s or Bass Pro aquarium and bait would be whatever they feed those beasts. And, I hope the catch would be one of the bluegills. Those things look like they were hatched in a nuclear reactor and strong arm the other fish out of their lunch money. 
  • snookaffinitysnookaffinity Naples, FLPosts: 1,180 Officer
    The lake in my back yard with ultralight gear and a night crawler or a cast net.
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  • poncedoradoponcedorado Posts: 238 Deckhand
    neighborhood pond, hair hook about a 1/8 square of raw bacon for bait. Easy bluegill
  • MulletMaster239MulletMaster239 Southwest FloridaPosts: 352 Deckhand
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    I’d take my really light spinning setup with 6 lb line 20 lb leader and a tiny bucktail jig to one of my snook bait spots after dark and get em a ladyfish first 1-2 casts. 

    If it was daylight hours I’d go to my bait spot for juvenile tarpon, drop down whatever I can find that someone left behind on the picnic tables on a little panfish hook, and get em a pinfish. For whatever reason the pinfish are critical of Burger King. Same for McDonalds. They will not eat it. Chick Fil A, Asian takeout, Wendy’s, and pretty much any other litter besides Burger King or McDonalds works quite well for bait.
  • Tony RomaTony Roma Posts: 845 Officer
    That’s genius , I remember buying shrimp near sanibel as a kid one time and the amount of snook underneath the shrimp tank was insane. 
  • Sixth GenerationSixth Generation Posts: 496 Deckhand
    I remember the freeze in 92.  Almost sank a 16 foot Jon boat in the Alafia River the 4th morning or the freeze.  They were floating in the whirlpool down stream from John Moore Bridge...  
  • finbullyfinbully Posts: 771 Officer
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    Publix. I'd use a shopping cart and a weighted treble snagging hook.  :#
  • BooBooBooBoo Vero BeachPosts: 86 Deckhand
    That’s the best one!
  • zimmy4209zimmy4209 Ocala FloridaPosts: 1,167 Officer
    wish i could post videos on here but haven't figured that out yet. The retention pond directly across the road from my house. Started going over there just so kids could see the turtles and hang out but turns out the pond is completely full of 1 lb slab panfish(call em bluegill where i grew up not sure about here). These things will literally come out the water and grab on end of your finger if you hang it right above the water. 

    If the bears rules said I couldn't fish there my family is in deep _hit!!! Ive hit every lake in ocala forest it seems last couple years to or from hunting or scouting and yet to land a fish. Plenty of good ones on but that doesn't count unless they on shore!!

    Pics don't really do these fish justice but I promise you wouldn't take more than half dozen of em probably for a good mess. Even for a big bear.
  • nowinchattnowinchatt Posts: 89 Deckhand
    I'd wait 2 hours then go fishing. No pressure to catch anything and no one wondering WHEN I would be home!
  • Turner River TerrorTurner River Terror Posts: 8,019 Admiral
    Snag hook , Mullet Run..
    Killin and Grillin :grin
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