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C.River ride along 09/09/2020

capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 10,335 Moderator
Got to get out with Landlocked (jon)  on his boat "stress relief" . Kind of a checking trip to see what's going on and look at some bottom on his machine.  I just pointed out what type bottom I have found to be productive in the past. We did fish several areas and only had two grouper bites on the outgoing tide. Water is about 87 so still warm. Got one gag to boat and 1/2" shy of an ice bath..

Bait was getting blasted by jacks in the 2lb range and we had several shark bites from what seemed like larger ones. Leader bit through way up leader.. That bite wasn't happening and moved to the spoils with our leftover live bait as the incoming started.

The jack action South of long point was impressive. They were going nuts ! Seen a large spinner shark blast out and a big ray made a series of jumps also. Did also see a snake king make a 10' skyrocket farther out while trolling. Yes , the weeds were not too bad.

Learned yesterday that sand perch really are "snook candy" ..  I got completely hammered by two big snook using them for bait. Smoking first runs that rocked me and broke off..  Jon landed a small one on a pin but no reds.
Did see a boat at short point get into several reds. Not sure if those made slot ? 

Great trip even if the box was a little lean. Always learn something and great spending time with landlocked. Water is cooling and it's gonna be a good fall for fishing.   Later.
"You'll get your weather"


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