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Theodor Kantner Fly Tier Help

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I know this is a long shot but about 7 years ago one of my biggest mentors in fly fishing passed away. His name was Theodor (Teddy) Kantner. He bought me my first (real) fly rod and also help me with my fly tying. He was an outstanding at fly tying. From the many stories he told me about tying, he would tell me how he would sell the big streamers he would tie to folks down in Florida. I live in pa and still have almost all of the small flies he has given me a long with some nick nacks. But, I am look for one of the beautiful streams he would tell me about that I could put on display in my house. Not looking for a hand out and I will definitely pay for such an item because from the sounds of it these were no $2 woolly buggers. If there is anyone out there that has one of these flies or may know of anyone that does please let me know. Again I know this is a long shot but the fly fishing community is part of what makes us as great as we are. 


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