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Anyone in Flagler Beach area like to fish?

fishndive121fishndive121 Flagler BeachPosts: 2 Greenhorn
Hey guys/gals, how are ya?

My name is Jamie, I just moved back to FL. I have been up in W.V. for the last 5 years working at Snowshoe Mountain Resort. There was a Covid exposure and they were dishonest with us. I said no thank you and turned in my resignation. 

I had a wonderful time in WV. I also worked on the side as a fly fish guide. I got my Master Naturalist certification while up there. 

I'm originally from NJ but moved to West Palm when I was a teenager. I worked on Scuba and Offshore charters and went to school for Horticulturure. I have owned a few landscape design companies in South FL so obviously I love plants. 

I'm really into photography and have a few drones as well. I am one of the admins on the largest Trout Fishing group on FB in WV with over 25k members. I wasnt planning on leaving WV but I can't lie to people, so it is what it is... I find myself in Flagler Beach, I am working on getting my part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot license. I left all of my friends so I am reaching out to meet some new people. I actually lived in Jax for about 4 years and worked at Angie's Subs. I used to fish the SKA tournaments and Mitizi Skiff Redfish Tournaments. 

I have been pretty nervous about going anywhere here with Covid and my recent experience. I was tested twice and both were negative. 

I am well versed on a boat. Right now, I have been just fishing on the Kayak. I plan to get a boat once I'm settled in. If anyone likes to fish, please look me up on FB (Jamie Edelman) or on my cell 304-704-4106.


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