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Adding name or pics to a rod

Hi guys, I have been  building rods for a while 40+ for self, family and friends 
I am building a rod for my 3 year old grandson that I am introducing to fishing, I want to put his name date and possibly a picture on the rod, I have put names and dates before using 3m transparent shipping labels but they fade out with time, do any one knows a more durable method?  thanks 



  • CountryBumpkinCountryBumpkin Fla. Piney WoodsPosts: 1,834 Captain
    Can't speak for pictures.......but anything written with a sharpie metallic permanent marker.........given ample time to completely dry and covered with a coat of flex coat........will last fine.

  • GotseaGotsea Posts: 825 Officer
    yes I always cover with flex coat, but where do you write on the blank or in any sticker?  thanks  
  • CountryBumpkinCountryBumpkin Fla. Piney WoodsPosts: 1,834 Captain
    Directly on the blank.
    I've done it before any flex coat, in between coats (1st coat being well dry), and even on store bought rods that I wrote on, and then just put flex-coat top layer on that section of rod where I wrote.
    I believe all the "custom" & "hand crafted" series rods that star and some others were doing back in the eighties were done at the factory this way. At least that is what an old rod builder back then told me, which got me started doing it to put my name on my rods.
    I have also took old rods where the coating had "fish eyed" or bubbles whatever you call it.
    Didn't bother to remove finish, just scuff it all up with a green scotch brite pad. Then clean well and let dry and put on another layer of flex coat and look almost like brand new again.

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    Here's my logo on every rod that I build.. Underneath it on a second line is the name of the owner or other data - whatever you like... 

    Been doing this in one form or another since the early seventies...   Here's how....

    I long ago went to water soluble ink meant for writing on photographs... Any craft store will have a calligraphy supplies area (sometimes you can find what you need at a stationary store as well..). All you want is water soluble ink in two colors - white or gold for dark colored blanks, and black or blue for all white or other light colored blanks - and a very simple small plastic quill pen meant to be dipped into the ink every word or so... Start with an old piece of scrap blank (or any old rod) to learn how to form your letters (too much ink will be a problem every time...).  After each inscription, take a damp paper towel and remove the ink to start again - until you're comfortable writing on a round surface.... Once you've got the skill do the same on any rod you've built.  I usually won't inscribe a rod until at least one coat of FlexCoat is in place since you don't want any ink (or water if you need to remove ink...) to damage or stain your thread wraps... 

    Inscribe the blank however you wish then allow the ink to thoroughly dry before covering it in FlexCoat while applying that all- important second coat to your rod... Very simple to do once you learn how to use a quill pen to write on a curved surface... 

    Hope this helps

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  • GotseaGotsea Posts: 825 Officer
    Thanks very much I will try it, I have several pieces of blanks that I will start practicing on it Thanks again 
  • flatsbroke22flatsbroke22 Posts: 406 Deckhand
    I’ve been using the quill pen for years and they work well. Some pointers: first thing is you need to dull the tip of the pen. It comes very sharp and will scratch the blank. You can use some light sand paper. Just try it on a old blank first without paint to make sure you have it smooth enough. Second is I use Testers model paint and silver writes the best. Other colors do not flow very well. As stated let dry well before adding finish. Third it helps to rest the blank against something to help prevent it from rolling while writing and it you need to put something under your hand so your hand and blank are somewhat level. Take it slow until you get the hang of it. Keep a paper towel and alcohol ready in case you mess up. It will wipe clean and then you can start over. Trust me you will mess up. 
     If you want to do pictures or decals they can be simple if you have a Cricut machine. If not a printer with sticker paper will work, you just have to cut out the image with a razor blade. This is one I done with my local high school theme.
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  • GotseaGotsea Posts: 825 Officer
    Thanks flatbroke, very nice, I am in the proses of making a rod for my grandson, thanks 
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