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North causeway Fort Pierce

Launched the canoe and fished the area north of the channel markers and the flats. We landed several ladyfish and some small Jack. We moved to the east and my son hooked into a 20lb Jack. We were fighting the fish and it towed us into the channel. Thank you to the boater who slowed down as he passed us. Could have been a bad situation for us. We got the fish onboard and a group of paddleboarders went by with celebratory cheers and calls of nice job. We paddled to the islands to the north with no luck as it was very low tide. We called it a day around 1:30.


  • GarysmoGarysmo Ft. Pierce, FloridaPosts: 1,288 Officer
    Big jacks are awesome.  Its great the way they pull a canoe or kayak.  Thanks for the post
  • Aquaholic IVAquaholic IV Posts: 840 Officer
    Great report, you need to teach the Jacks to pull you back to the launch site!  There are some big Trout around the spoil islands north of North Bridge.
  • RStyleRStyle Posts: 1,453 Officer
    Years back, I hooked a Jack in front of Harbortown. Fought the thing for an hour. The fight was so intense that people in other boats and on the shore on the northern side of the channel going into the marina were watching. When I finally beat the beast, it was a not very impressive jack. 
    I always loosen the drag after fishing and I had forgotten to check it or tighten it when I started fishing. I fought a 5-108lb Jack with very minimal drag. Almost spoiled me a few times. Embarrassing! People probably though I had a 30lb snook on the line.
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