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PBI 6.23

Fished with my wife today for a nice change of pace👍👍 bump trolled live threadfin out front with glassy conditions in the AM. Bunch of Bonita and sharks in close (200-90ish). Really nice patches inside of 300, but no bait/no life on any of them for us. Found a buoy with some rope in 900' & boated a micro dolphin on a swimbait,, but no followers (bunch of bar jacks and oceanic triggers). No solid lines or patches from 400-1000. Came back inside to use up the rest of our baits and ended the day releasing a double header of Sails with my bride! Great ending to a great day! For what it's worth to anyone, we've been seeing the sailfish much shallower than normal and in the scattered weeds (60-90') last few weeks. It a pita to fish the weeds, but fairly productive. Good luck


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