Dolphin spearfishing adventure- Jupiter November 23

A little late with this post but it is another blown out weekend so I thought I would post it anyway. I took Zack and two friends out last Wednesday for a spearfishing day. We checked numerous spots from the Loran Tower all the way down to Lago Mar. Nice flat ocean with the SW wind but the water clarity was poor especially to the north and in some areas there was loads of moon jellyfish as well. Around 1:00 PM we decided to head off and look for dolphin. We trolled up a couple of skipjacks in 400 ft south of the Breakers and saw a couple of areas of fairly heavy grass but nothing real promising. We ran about 15 miles off and found a trap float and line with a large branch tangled in it. . We put a feather out as we approached instantly the dolphin appeared. I tied off to the float and put out a chum bag and the kids went in the water. I caught a few dolphin from the boat but the spearfishing was cramping my style from the boat. We caught 11 dolphin and a large rainbow runner (11 lbs). There were bunches of wahoo and wehoos hanging around but they would not eat a bait or speed jig. Zack hit two with the gun but they pulled off much to his great displeasure. Burned a lot of gas but it was one of those priceless days on the ocean it glassed of for awhile while the kids were in the water. I thought I was going to have to gaff my son to get him out of the water in time to run in before it got dark.






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