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FPI 6/10

GarysmoGarysmo Ft. Pierce, FloridaPosts: 1,278 Officer
Went looking for dolphin today but came up empty.  Very calm on the way out but no life, weeds, nothing.  Decided to put stuff in around 140' and went looking.  Nothing much out to 400'.  Water was real warm got as high as 83.25.  Tried a few rips on the way in but no one home.  The scattered weeds were a pita.  At 130' we found a nice line finally. No hits but I saw a mahi under a big patch so we pulled stuff in and put out some pilchards.  Bad news we were too slow to find the mahi but we did get a nice sailfish.   Literally he hit the bait within  5 minutes so right place right time.   A 2nd one came right up to the boat as I was releasing the sailfish but my crew was too slow getting a 2nd bait out.   Actually I was asking politely to please put out a bait....well they would say I was screaming to get a bait in the water.  So I jump up go to the live well, grab the leader of the one ready to go, proceed to toss the bait over the side, grab the 2nd rod.   Now the problem.....they had disconnected the leader from the rod so bait with hook and leader over the side and I'm left holding an empty rod.  At least we got one.


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