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Everglades 325/355 vs Boston Whaler 320/350.

cftsmokecftsmoke JacksonvillePosts: 319 Deckhand
I did post this in the "Boating" forum but also wanted to see if anyone here in my home waters has any insight in real world use with what we deal with in NE Florida. 

It is about time for a repower or possible move up from my 05 Everglades 290 w/twin 250 Verados. Other than the age of the engines, I really like everything about my boat.  The fishing features and ride are great for me while the family likes the creature comforts, safety and comfortable seating - a coffin box just doesn't fill the need when doing anything other than fishing.  The unsinkable hull also provides a level of comfort when running 40-60M out to get to the ledge in NE Florida. 

As far as the upgrade, I've started looking at used (2016-2019) Everglades 325/355 and had someone offer up similar year Boston Whaler 320-370.  Not interested in Yamaha 350 so the Everglades will be twin/trip Yamaha 300s and any Whaler would be the same configuration in 300-350 Verados.  Does anyone have experience on either of these boats and engine combinations? Fishability, performance, durability etc?  Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

Yes, it is more than I want to spend on a boat but the bride is actually pushing this so who am I to argue? 
2005 Everglades 290 Pilot.  Twin 250 Verados.


  • Nautical wheelerNautical wheeler Posts: 57 Deckhand
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    I was just  out on the 355 with twin 425s. Amazing boat, nothing rides like this thing. We went out of Hillsboro inlet Sunday, conditions were horrid 6-8 with rain, waves breaking over the jetties the inlet was scary, most boats turned around. But I was with Matt Crowers of Sundance Marine who happens to sell these amazing boats. He said watch this, we went thru like it was nothing, not once did the hull slam or skidded, I thought I was back in the Navy on a destroyer slicing thru heavy seas. We also managed to fish ,caught 4 dolphin, 2 skipjacks, 1 black fin and lost a wahoo all in 6-8 ‘ seas. Best boat I’ve ever rîdden on. BTW, Matt has that boat in the water @ Sundance Marine, Pompano Beach, I believe it’s a 2018 or so. Call him and take it out for a spin.
  • cftsmokecftsmoke JacksonvillePosts: 319 Deckhand
    Appreciate the info and connection.  Still think the 355 will end up being more than I can afford- To buy and run- but I’ll give Matt a call and inquire.  
    2005 Everglades 290 Pilot.  Twin 250 Verados.
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