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catchemupcatchemup Posts: 433 Deckhand
Anyone have any current info on what's going on with rentals at the Bimini Sands? Their former local reservation company is currently not booking any rooms. I checked with them earlier today and they don't know if and when they will resume taking recreations. Always enjoyed taking anglers there...did it several times a year. But months ago apparent fighting between condo unit owners, the management company, and the new construction developer seems to have brought the resort to its knees. Additionally...some of their rental units fell into virtual  non-useable condition. We got booked  into a couple of those unacceptable units last year...fortunately they switched our rooms.  Any current info greatly appreciated. 


  • 2amigo2amigo Posts: 6,755 Admiral
    The Florida Georgia section of THT has a lot of info there.  There are a few condo owners, one being Biminibrad that have posted recently about their situation.  Or you could IM BiminiBrad who is on this site as well
  • catchemupcatchemup Posts: 433 Deckhand
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    Thanks 2amigo. Lots of info on the THT. Looks like the resort was just sold and there are big plans to improve it. We can only hope.
  • red_dawg239red_dawg239 cape coralPosts: 1 Greenhorn
    We were there 2 weeks ago but stayed on North Bimini at the resort and rented a house. Did not see any activity coming from Bimini Sands. When I booked this trip I attempted to contact Bimini Sands and the only person that actually picked up the phone was a housekeeper and told me I needed to speak with the dockmaster who was out pumping gas for someone. I left my number and never received a return call. All my additional calls we unanswered. I booked my house through VRBO app. House was not right at the dock like the Sands but less than 2 mins by golf cart. Marina was brand new and had no issues there. 
  • catchemupcatchemup Posts: 433 Deckhand
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    Just saw that the "former" Bimini Sands has been renamed Bimini Cove Resort and that  additionally a list of major improvements is supposedly being started. Has anyone been there recently?  Any feedback greatly appreciated.
  • pottydocpottydoc Port Saint JoePosts: 4,781 Captain
    The post on THT pretty much covers it. Some of the owners seem excited, others, not so much. 
  • TerboashipTerboaship AlabamaPosts: 5 Deckhand
    Has anyone been there recently?
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