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Wra22Wra22 Posts: 225 Deckhand
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NRA-ILA Institute for Legislative Action

Florida Alert! Candidates Call on Gov. DeSantis to Stop Nikki Fried's CWL Freeze

DATE:April 2, 2020
TO:USF & NRA Members and Friends
FROM:Marion P. Hammer
 USF Executive Director
 NRA Past President


Two candidates for the Florida House of Representatives are calling on Governor Ron DeSantis to stop Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried (D) from disrupting the Concealed Weapons and Firearms Licensing Program.
In a letter to Governor DeSantis, Republican Party of Okaloosa County Chairman Jeff Hinkle wrote, "Commissioner Fried is using the Pandemic to forward her liberal agenda of chipping away at Floridians' Second Amendment rights and it has to stop. Please act to prevent Commissioner Fried from delaying the processing on Concealed Carry Permits one day longer."
Additionally, Danny Kushmer (R) candidate for House District 59 wrote the Governor  "I urge you to re-open the processing of concealed carry permit applications." He continued, "Commissioner Fried is using an administrative loophole to keep hundreds, if not thousands, of Florida citizens from their right to safety."
Devout Anti-Gunner, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried campaigned on an anti-gun platform and now is using the COVID-19 crisis as an excuse to stop accepting CW license applications.  At a time when citizens need to be able to exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear arms, Comm. Fried has become a road block to those constitutional rights.
Fried's intentions are clear, in fact in December, 2019 Fried was quoted in a Florida Politics articlesaying:
“I made a promise during my campaign that the NRA would have no influence over me or our department. I stand behind that promise.”  

In addition to his position as Party Chairman, Jeff Hinkle is also candidate for Florida House District 4 and has posted his letter on his website.  On the website you can join him in signing the letter to the Governor:  Click Here 


NRA-ILA Institute for Legislative Action
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  • bicyclistbicyclist FlardaPosts: 1,654 Captain
    Screw the nra sideways and backwards. 
  • conchydongconchydong Pompano BeachPosts: 9,674 Admiral
    bicyclist said:
    Screw the nra sideways and backwards. 

    When they take away your ability to hunt hogs and small game, will you feel the same? Once the door is opened, it is hard to shut.

    “Everyone behaves badly--given the chance.”
    ― Ernest Hemingway

  • bicyclistbicyclist FlardaPosts: 1,654 Captain
    bicyclist said:
    Screw the nra sideways and backwards. 

    When they take away your ability to hunt hogs and small game, will you feel the same? Once the door is opened, it is hard to shut.
    Ridiculous...fake opinion.
  • joelunchbucketjoelunchbucket Posts: 613 Officer
    Pot, meet Kettle. 
  • gritsnhuntin1gritsnhuntin1 Posts: 1,181 Officer
    They need to get rid of Wayne 
  • Florida BullfrogFlorida Bullfrog Posts: 4,320 Captain
    Marion Hammer needs to go too. She ran a smear campaign based on intellectually dishonest arguments against Florida prosecutors because we opposed the amendment to Stand Your Ground on the faulty legal premise the amendment was based. Many good prosecutors who are the most pro-gun people you’d know swore of the NRA and gave up their memberships. It showed me they play just as dishonest as the anti-gun crowd. 

    And for myself, I got tired of their constant pandering for money. 

    Down with both Nikki Fried and her war on CCWs and the NRA. 
  • joekat46joekat46 North PortPosts: 2,653 Captain
    As an old guy that's been through the 60's and 70's I'll guarantee you that without the NRA you would be hunting with spears and slingshots.  Yes - the current NRA leadership is lacking and needs to pick their battles.  I would like them to be willing to publicly compromise every once in a while even though the "slippery slope" argument will then show itself to probably be very true.  
  • MissedMissed O-townPosts: 509 Officer
    It really is simple - if you own guns you should belong to NRA.  No other organization has done even a fraction of what the NRA has accomplished over the years.

    Is there any factual information about the coup attempt?
  • FloridaMetalFabFloridaMetalFab North CubaPosts: 1,338 Officer
    NRA helped out Florida big time with the 21 to purchase a rifle and 5 day wait. I'm sure they're working diligently to help us again. LOL

    In 2020 GOA>NRA
  • joekat46joekat46 North PortPosts: 2,653 Captain
    I see a certain someone banned again.  Oh well.
  • FloridaODFloridaOD Posts: 4,208 Captain
    edited April 2020 #13
    Ha! I was responding to a call to The Governor to oppose Toll Road development in Recreational Gun Use Country. Far beyond Marion Hammer.And likely,far beyond most here.
    Nikki Fried is a Gun Owner and concealing permit holder....... Yes?
    ....and targeted by the NRA.
    So typical.
    NRA has interjected certain positive influence but the sheer number of law abiding gun owners has directed and stabilized against inordinate gun control legislation.
    After all, 2016 Bernie Sanders noted the vast majority of gun owners are of no problem ( a “ Gun Violence Study” focused on his Congressional District would suggest same) and for this Bernie was cast as “ Gun Nut” by Dem party leaders.

    NRA...... I have cycled through membership three times.

    NRA Florida/ Marion Hammer received an effective helpful lift over Shooting Range Lead impacts management issue and management- Florida Wildlife Federation head Manley Fuller worked behind scenes on behalf of Lead issue, worked to keep ranges open, lead management.Had ManleyFWF revealed openly the NRA and related stack of Lead Legislation may have been kicked back.
    When I served on the FWF Board there were many Board Members affiliated with the NRA. And why not?
    I have recently let my NRA membership expire.
    Better to represent myself as lawful gun owner rather than relying on an Organization or political party. 
    It is time for Marion Hammer to step down, along with other NRA organization revisions.
    Get out of the way. Introspection.
    At some point I would look forward to rejoining an NRA four times the membership and influence ever witnessed now.
    Hunters are present yet relatively uncommon in Florida :wink
  • gritsnhuntin1gritsnhuntin1 Posts: 1,181 Officer
    How bout Gun Owners of America? Anyone check em out? I’ve heard about them on another forum and also saw a mention here from Fl metal  fab. I’ve never checked em out. 
  • shempshemp Posts: 681 Officer
    Somebody asked about other orgs.  National Shooting Sports Foundation
  • PinmanPinman Posts: 3,044 Captain
    Join them all.  NRA has the most power though.
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