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We Want Our Lives Back

harbisonharbison Posts: 4,567 Captain
We Want Our Lives Back
As we know all too well the life we know is under-siege.
 The Coronavirus cases in Florida has been confirmed at over 5,000 cases and counting. With 777,000+ global cases the threat is worldwide. The best scientist on the planet are working 24/7 to find a solution.
 Drugs such as Remdesivir, Abbvie, and Moderna may prove to be the answer. Only time will tell. How much time is anyone's guess.
 We want our lives back. For many 'our lives' are centered around fishing. Fishing is more than a hobby; it's a way of life.
My 'way of life' began many years ago fishing the miles of grass flats along the Courtney Campbell Causeway, and later the Tampa Tarpon Tournament.

In the late fifties I found Bunces Pass. The trout, mackerel, flounder, and pompano fishing was outstanding:

Salty Sol and Captain Wilson Hubbard kept us up to date:

Today Captain Dylan Hubbard, Captain Wilson's grandson, keeps us up to date with his Live Stream Show every Sunday evening at 8:30 P.M.
Per Captain Dylan, the John's Pass Bridge & Jetty areas are open and loaded with fish just waiting to be caught:

Let's join Captain Hubbard, and his faithful companion, Capt. Sig, in saying a little prayer that the siege is short lived:

As we all know the weather this year has left lot to be desired. As the weather improves, so does the fishing.
Florida Fishing in April can be absolutely fantastic.
Let's take a look at yester-year:

And finally:

Due to Cornavirus most marinas are closed and head-charter boats remain at the dock.
That doe's not mean fishing must stop.
Fish famous John's Pass Bridge Area & Jetty remain open with fish just waiting to be caught.


  • harbisonharbison Posts: 4,567 Captain
    Recent catches as seen on Captain Dylan's TV show:

    We want our lives back. For many 'our lives' are centered around fishing. Fishing is more than a hobby; it's a way of life.

  • dragon baitdragon bait Posts: 9,127 Admiral
    Stay home, the life you save might be your own
  • harbisonharbison Posts: 4,567 Captain
    "Stay home, the life you save might be your own"

    Sad but true! 
  • bowhunter4lifebowhunter4life Posts: 1,585 Captain
    You just have to make adjustments....😂
  • harbisonharbison Posts: 4,567 Captain
    Looks good to me!
  • LostconchLostconch Posts: 764 Officer
    So with the new regs can we fish out of a boat or not? Fishing is allowed boating isn't I think ....
  • harbisonharbison Posts: 4,567 Captain
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    Presume the stay at home means just that.
    "TALLAHASSEE - After weeks of resisting a statewide stayhome order, Gov. Ron DeSantis Wednesday signed an executive order limiting all activity in Florida to essential services over the next 30 days to try to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.
    Floridians can't leave their home unless it's to obtain or provide essential services."

    Can I go on my boat?

    The state references Miami-Dade's boating rules, which have evolved in recent days to shut down marinas and boat launches except for people with commercial saltwater licenses, for fishing purposes only, or law enforcement patrols and rescues. Liveaboards can also have access, or people taking their boats out of the water for maintenance

    Tampa Bay Times
    This was just before the John's Pass  Bridge this morning. 
    Not a boat in sight 
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