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Dolphin Trolling

When trolling for dolphin and you hook a fish, do you take the boat out of gear to fight the fish or do you continue at trolling speed to fight the fish?  I've always continued at speed for a few seconds but then took the boat out of gear.  Maybe I'm watching to much YouTube but it looks like a lot of guys keep the boat moving while they fight the fish.  


  • dihrddihrd Posts: 145 Deckhand
    Depends if it’s a good fish or a shingle. Stay in if it’s a good fish, keeps it coming straight. If it’s small you can stop and probably bring the schools to pitch distance. 
  • MangroveMarkMangroveMark Oak HillPosts: 77 Deckhand
    Experienced trollers will throttle down but keep it in gear.
  • Terence1Terence1 Posts: 170 Deckhand
    I do the same as Mangrove. But I will keep it at trolling speed for 5-10 seconds after the hookup hoping for another hit then throttle down and keep it in gear.
  • reelthunderreelthunder Posts: 260 Deckhand
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    TeamTeke said:
    If you go to neutral, your boat will most likely drift broadside to the wind, which can twist and make a great mess of your remaining trolled lines.

    Here is what you want do. At hookup, continue with a slight turn in the direction of the fish. Hope for a second strike or multiple strikes. If the fish is large, bring in and remove the other rods on the same side where the fish is. Unless it is very large or a special trophy fish to you and your crew, leave your other rods out on the opposite side hoping for yet another hookup. Continue your slow troll in a slight circle toward the fish with only one engine or go in-out of gear to keep the boat speed slow. If it is a dolphin, wait to see if other school fish will follow. Be prepared always with a pitch rod rigged with a whole ballyhoo or live bait for when another big fish returns to see what is going on. Have schoolie rods rigged with jigs and/or bait chunks. If you do bring in all trolled lines then you can go to neutral.

    i agree this is the same approach i use  but the bait i have ready to pitch is whole squid only difference
  • HAIR-LARIOUSHAIR-LARIOUS Posts: 114 Deckhand
    You can bump trol while fight that fish to keep the lines straight . 
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