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Baitrunner for bottom fishing?

hotdog68hotdog68 Posts: 18 Deckhand
I use the baitrunner feature on my Shimanos primarily for live surface baits.  Sometimes I use the baitrunner when bottom fishing live bait with a sliding egg sinker.  What types of fishing do you guys use your baitrunners?


  • GeneakersGeneakers West Palm BeachPosts: 173 Deckhand
    I use mine all the time if I am free lining or bottom fishing from bank / inshore and am not holding the rod.  Of course I generally have one line with the free line / knock rig and am either jigging or using a popping cork on a 2nd line.
  • TarponatorTarponator Under a BridgePosts: 17,010 AG
    Live bait, generally.
  • 10kman10kman Posts: 674 Officer
      Freelining for yellowtails is a blast.And once in awhile a Mangrove or
    cubera come up to see what all the excitement is.Best bait, glass minnows
    but squid,sardine chunks and shrimp also work.

  • demersalangelerdemersalangeler SE FLORIDA Posts: 437 Deckhand
     I have used my baitrunners for around 20+ years. 
     I have used them for everything from a spread of rods on a pier to live bait king's, and sales. I routinely use them for spooling for yellow tails, and mutton. 
     When it gets really ruff in the fall i take one of my old beaters to the local inlet and fish the rip for blues. I've caught everything from flag yt snapper to 150lb tarpon on the things. If you have the older models a set of carbons really helps out.
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