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Wahoo trolling rod

GarysmoGarysmo Ft. Pierce, FloridaPosts: 1,527 Captain
I'm planning on adding 2 new trolling setups, primarily to target wahoo and pull some bigger lures/rigs. I have 1 setup now and it seems to work well. It's a Blackfin 157 5'6" 60-100lb with a straight butt.

I plan on using them in my normal spread which is around 7.5mph or up to 11kts or so. I was thinking of straight butts just because they are easier to store but considered short bent butts.

My two front runners are Pinnacle and Connley I know there is a price difference and willing to go with Connley if that is the right choice.


  • demersalangelerdemersalangeler SE FLORIDA Posts: 437 Deckhand
     I have some custom black fins. I was wary of their products at first, because in the past i had seen them with really cheap components.  Then i met the regional sales manager. I found out they make their own blanks. When i saw the construction of the blanks i decided they were worth a try. I have loved them since. Mine all have Fuji SIC guides. I have 2 that i use on my electrics for deep drop, sowrd fish, and wahoo. They have removable butts, i can switch between straight and bent. I just leave the bent butts on. For me that's the proper butt for this application. 
     This is overkill for our local wahoo,  but my manuals are penn 70 international. The thing about them is you can pull anything. If you want to expand to high speed, or run old salt 16's. That reel dosent struggle at all.  (My high speed is 20mph. Thats my low end planning speed/cruise)
     My suggestion is no matter witch builder you choose go with detachable butts. When you want to expand just change the butt, and wammo you got a new combo. For deep drop or whatever. 

     I also have some that are blank threw straight but. I use them for mutton fishing. I have been really happy with them so far. 

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