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Marathon March 14-21

Came to fish despite warnings of windy conditions (when isn't it windy in the Keys?) and we had a great week. Caught more fish than we could shake a stick at and caught stuff we'd never caught before even though we didn't make it to the reef. Almost all 7 Mile Bridge fishing and it was productive. Keeper hogfish, big yellow jacks, lots of other fish to tug your line, plus sharks for fun and the sport. Rented a 28' Contender from ProGear and it was hands down the best rental boat I've ever been in. I've had some real crap in the past and was starting to think nobody had decent boats but David proved me wrong. Awesome boat and it gave us the freedom to go where were we wanted. Great house in KCB. Now I just gotta get home before they close the airports.  Great trip. 


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