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Best Baked Beanie Weenies

flagoldflagold AbbevillePosts: 495 Deckhand
5 beef hot dogs (I use Nathan's - not a sin to use more) - sliced thick 1/2" (slice thin & they float and burn) 
1/2 large onion chopped 
3/4 cup cane syrup (cane juice should be the only ingredient - all others are cut with corn syrup, water, etc. and will crystalize) 
2 28 oz cans Bush's "Country Style" baked beans (has the bacon in it)
Bake 350º 2 hours - stir after 1st hour -- and that's it! 4 ingredients, 1 measurement, & one operation - kind of like boating.  1 min. video for the direction challenged: https://youtu.be/O52P9IaFdSo

They may not like the elk, moose, chicken, turkey, ham, flounder, salmon, halibut, whatever - but they always like the above - a hit in our family for 50+ years (especially kids). MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you!
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