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This report was posted earlier in the So FL section section.

More than ever...fishing is a great great diversion. You can do it alone or with very few anglers you know and it provides great diversion from these crazy and dangerous times.

Went out with a couple of anglers down to N Key Largo. Planned to fish one of the many spots with public moorings where we’ve done well before. Seas were supposed to be 1 1/2 - 3 ft but it was rough as hell with 5 ft swells.
As we approached…one boat that was on a mooring gives us a thumbs down signal and departed. It appeared that he was fishing with sinkers directly on the bottom. One of the anglers asks if we should just go look elsewhere based on the guy's signal we just saw. I said we don't know how he was fishing for sure and how good or not good of an angler he is . So we grabbed a mooring and I start chumming and throwing oats. Would not let the anglers grab a rod for 10 minutes. Then we see a magical yellow ball appear close to the boat along with blue runners, some rainbow runners , yellow jacks and of course loads of bally.  My two anglers were not very good as this was the first time they ever ”tailed” before so there was a bit of a learning curve. Caught 2 small tails quickly and released them and then got a half dz in relatively short order that were all legal but small. We honestly saw a number of two pound tails darting thru the ball…but the water was crystal clear and the bigger seasoned fish would not hit the 20# fluro leaders. As I was switching over to lighter fluro …yes that can make all the difference in the world …one of the guys got sick so we shut down fishing and headed back early to fish inside and outside of Govt Cut but had no action there. In the end the size of the yellow ball was really something to see and I was glad to see big tails there although we didn’t hook any.


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