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What Color Power Pro ???



  • HPXMicroHPXMicro Posts: 249 Officer
    I just spooled up my 3000FI topwater rod with my Sufix Performance, I'll let ya know tomorrow what I think. At a glance I can't visually see a difference between it and the power pro but maybe it fishes and casts better. I can tell you that I just discovered that I still have a brand new spool of 20lb power pro that I didn't realize was in my gear.
    2009 Maverick HPX Micro
  • Waterman03Waterman03 Posts: 35 Deckhand
    I really don't see why all the hatred towards PP. I've been using it for probably...8 years..now, and I've never had one issue with it. Alot of the reason why people have the problems is because of how they cast/close bail. I have PP ranging from 10lb to 80lb on every single one of my reels along with the extra spools.

    I went to the FS show last year and remember listening to Blair Wiggins talk about why he switched from power pro. Its been awhile, and I had a pregnant girl and a 1 year old and a 4 year old with me, but what I think he said was he lost a tournament winning redfish because his PP had been spliced together at some point and basically just separated. I take that with a grain of salt since for all I know power pro just kicked him off their staff. I have also been using PP for years and never had a problem. I will probably spool up with some suffix or fins next time just to check it out.
    2001 17' Maverick Master Angler
  • capt.natecapt.nate Posts: 2,359 Captain
    i have been using pp for a long time. 10# on my flats setups, 20# on my heavier dock rods, and 40# on my tarpon and grouper gear. all yellow.
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  • GabiJohnsonGabiJohnson FloridaPosts: 13 Greenhorn
    I've only used green and yellow
  • MayaWilsonMayaWilson RichlandPosts: 9 Greenhorn
    I use Power Pro red on my bottom fishing gear. Red is the first color to disappear under water at about a depth of 15 feet or so.
  • JoshFergusonJoshFerguson FloridaPosts: 12 Greenhorn
    Red becomes grey.

    Some of the marketing on red lines are misleading.....since the color red is the first to disappear....they allude to the line disappearing......no, it just turns a shade of grey, it stays very visible.
  • cortrcortr Posts: 210 Deckhand
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