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Update on my boat project! PIC HEAVY

anglerbros 7286anglerbros 7286 Crystal RiverPosts: 658 Officer
Finally got my boat project finished! If you're anything like me you want a crazy shallow inshore boat like everyone else but don't have $20k laying around to go buy a new sea ark jet tunnel or a grizzly mud motor. I figured no matter what route I take I'd end up with about the same boat for $7-10k whether I build it or save and buy it cash. Well as a 24 yr old with a truck payment I also didn't have $8k cash I wanted to spend on the initial cost of a completed sea ark or g3. So one day I see this 18ft 1975 Lowe with 50hp johnson on the marketplace for $2k. I think well my buddy makes completed beat up hulls look nice and can fix about anything. And his uncle is a awesome welder who can build anything. Why not try make a flats boat out of this thing, and in the meantime I can fish and save more for the next project. Long story short I got him to add new front/rear decks new floor and customize a crappy console I also found on market place. Then we tough coated it and boom its beautiful! Then I said I need some upgrades. Gps/trolling motor/Jackplate/hydrallic steering. Fished for a few months like that after adding a 4 stroke. Then found a newer 4 stroke without a lower unit on another boat I bought stole the motor and sold the boat. So now I had a 2014 in the yard with no foot, ordered a rebuilt jet drive for $1475 and it finally arrived! Got it all installed yesterday and boom....its finally completed! Now I have a 2010 Merc 60 4 stroke in perfect condition I need to sell if anyones interested. 

Heres a bunch of pictures. SAME HULL AND SAME TRAILER

From this:

To This:


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