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All caught up 1/30/20 Another Yankeetown Slam

Most recent trip I only went from 11-3 because I saw an opportunity to fish so I grabbed my boat and took off. Went to yankeetown searching for warmer water. Everyone that does well is deep in the creeks and this was my last trip with a prop on my boat so I wasn't going to risk it creek fishing. We stayed close to the ramp looking for any temp changes. Blows my mind that the entire river is 59 degrees same as where it meets the gulf. So fishing the river didn't make any more sense to me than fishing the creek mouths. We bounced around untill we found life, minnows and ladyfish everywhere so we decided to start fishing. First couple casts we caught keeper trout! Water temp was still 59 degrees oddly enough. We didn't catch a ton but it was interesting that we caught redfish, snook and trout all right there but no where else. Gold doa swim bait was doing well in 2-3ft and lil john 4-5ft. Caught a few on shrimp but mostly artificial this trip. 

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