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Tosohatchee Hogs

ahaven7ahaven7 Daytona Beach, FLPosts: 2 Greenhorn
Going out tomorrow morning to hunt hogs.. relatively new to this so wondering if anyone with more experience in the area can recommend best places in the WMA to go as it is pretty big.. also does anyone ever gut the pigs in the WMA or is that something typically done once back home? TIA


  • bicyclistbicyclist FlardaPosts: 1,654 Captain
    I have seen a lot in the past along the old canal that was filled in. Mostly north end of the old canal (where a creek comes in). You can see the old canal on aerials, it is a little west of the river, it runs north to south (crosses the BeeLine) and the northern terminus is near for square ponds that are next to each other.
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