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" BASH" Success at Norton's 2/9/2020

We finally got together for a long awaited party. Had a good turnout with around 30 people show up. New faces mixed in amount a lot of old and familiar ones. Of course the more the consumption of adult beverages the more the tales grew!! Ok, here goes the  gallery. Apologies to any one missed or no pic. Late arrivals got missed on pics. By that time my picture taking was over. 

Capt. Louie greeting  everyone and picking up their new fish ruler. Thanks ButchBal and Digitech for the ruler. 

ButchBal-Butch and his neighbor.

Soda Popinski and Mrs. Soda. Is that soda he's drinking?

mburke001-Mike and friend.

Chris and Joanie-our neighbors and Thinkican-Dave and Jts.

SaltyDagg-Pete giving some excellent trolling advice. Gary B. doing the listening.

Ruffone-Tom and Mrs. Ruffone- Gail

Doby1-Gary getting some advice from local guide Rip in Lips-Marrio.

Man, what a pic this is! Marrio talking to two old blast from the past. MitziBoy on the left and Ponce on the right. Really nice seeing them again, and MitziBoy is now guiding in the area. 

Pic of one of Gail's favorite Big Bend grouper fisherman.

Doc giving advice to some eager fisherman.

Alex from Ga. enjoying discussion probably about fishing!

FishMike and Friends talking Deep Dropping with Louie.

SnookerSpanker going over "Flies For Snook" with Gary B. 

And Finally what all fisherman do best. Can't believe Gail got this pic of me talking about a fish I caught.

Great turn out! Fun seeing old faces! New people to spin fish tales with! This bash was definitely a success. Thanks Louie for getting it going. Thanks Butch for the rulers. Enjoy


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