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Well as the title says, what’s your favorite gear?  Most of my time fishing has been  spent on the Great Lakes.  Looks like i’ll be doing more Saltwater fishing.  I have access to a 22’ center console and possibly some mentors.  I’m looking to put together a tackle box and want to ask the experts.  Most of my fishing will be around South side of Sanibel Island up to Red Fish pass (Pine Island Sound).  On extremely calm days potentially Grouper fishing in the Gulf.  This year, some time in May or June i’d like to take my Son  fishing to catch a few sharks as well.

So what’s in your tackle box? 

Thanks for the help,


  • AlwaysLearningMoreAlwaysLearningMore Posts: 154 Deckhand
    I'll take the first stab at it for your tacklebox:  a few spools of flourocarbon leader material, I'd have 20, 30 and 40.  A coil of single-strand stainless wire for the sharking, if you're going light-tackle fishing for them I'd probably get it in around 40#.  A couple of bags of split shots, some popping corks, a few sizes of j-hooks and a few sizes of inline circle hooks.  (You're required to use circle hooks for reef fish and for sharks when fishing with natural bait)  For artificials, a handful of spoons in gold and silver, some fluke-style soft plastics and a couple of topwater plugs.  Probably want a popper or two and a walk-the-dog style plug or two.  I like Chug-Bugs for the poppers and spooks for the walk-the-dogs, but this starts an endless debate about what lures are best.
  • Gypsies CallGypsies Call Posts: 258 Deckhand
    Skitter Walk SSW-11 in bone and silver mullet.  1/8 oz jig heads and some paddle tail plastics.  First aid kit, whistle, pliers, 30lb flouro, small knife and nail clippers for my knots. Not much else... lol.
    Gypsies Call
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  • DodgerDodger Ft MyersPosts: 58 Deckhand
    First two posts nailed it!  I would add New Penny colored paddle tails and some sort of gripper for toothy critters.  I have the cheap plastic one and it works fine.  Mine is different but something like this.  Great for catfish!
  • falcon250falcon250 OhioPosts: 4 Greenhorn
    Thanks guys.... sounds like i need to go shopping now! I appreciate the responses.   If have any other tips, i’m all ears.
  • scrubtechRickscrubtechRick Posts: 274 Deckhand
    I would also suggest a dehooker of some sort. A lot of fish landed don't need (or shouldn't) be handled and a dehooker will allow you to release them just leaning over the gunnel and barely taking them out of the water. I prefer the simple one with a "J" bend for 90% of releases but the ARC type is very popular and works well with deep gutted hooks.De-hookerVentilator Black

    ARC DeHooker Sportsman 16 - Inch Hook Remover
  • PhlypperPhlypper Posts: 79 Deckhand
    As gypsie said, jigheads. I like an assortment, going from 1/16th oz to 1/2 oz. You can use them for both plastic artificials, and live bait like shrimp or small bait fish. Often, this can work better than a hook and weight combo, and can be easier to cast. 
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