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Tough day, made it work

Wednesday sheepshead was the target.  I had an idea to go offshore, all the way up around Georgia state line 6 to eight miles offshore.  I read an old fishing report from 2017 that set my sights up north.  Ran 27 miles north, into a stiff northeast wind.  Got there, started marking spots and had to turn around an hour in.  The weather was turning bad and I wanted to be safe.  Ran all the way back to Jax in a big, wind blown trailing sea.  Took twice as long to get back.  Decided to switch gears and work Inshore, fought the wind and tide and I wasn't being smart.  Sometimes you would think i never fished before. .....  Finally took a 15 minute break and thought it through.  Found a way to get out of the wind, with the boat in a better position as the tide started out.  Got on a good bite and salvaged the day.  Lots of good dinner in this trip. The big boats came in from what had to be a tough day on the seas from wahoo trolling while I was cleaning up.  I think the weather spoiled a lot of days Wednesday, the weather man lied :-/  I did make some new friends at the ramp at the end of the day when I shared some old bait with the crowd, check out my feathery new pals.  I love the adventures


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