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January, almost a fishing report. Need fish for a report.

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With the water temperature being around 60 degree I haven't have must luck on my little adventures this month in the fishing department.  Saw some wonder sites and hike a many of a mile but only caught a few small fish.

Tried surf fishing for basically the first time, got clean a dozen time but no fish.  Had hooks on my pole big enough to hook a whale.  I was to lazy to hike back to the car and get smaller hooks that I didn't have in my small tackle box.  Still love sitting on the beach basically just my son and me.watching the waves  Spend a lot of time photographing and walking and checking out the three beaches. access.  Beautiful place and the visitor center is worth checking out.  If the wind is blowing out of the north the reds stacks up at the Guana Dam.  Unbelievable videos on You Tube of the action.  Not for me, to many fisherman on top of each other. 

A slideshow of the beaches, I took that day.

Caught a few fish on a trip to Yankeetown on the Barge Canal.  Some ladyfish and Silver Perch.   Again more time taking pictures than fishing.   One trip took me to Cedar Keys.  No one was catching anything from shore, # 4 pier, the big pier. Shell Mount Pier.  The northerner look up to me to show them how to catch something.  Nothing, only one hit on a gulp.  I left with my tail between my leg a complete shut out.  Oh well more time for pictures and hiking.


Since the fishing been so bad I took up a new hobby with my photos.  Making short videos under 2 minutes for You Tube.  Good way to post photos for My Facebook friends to act like they didn't see them.  When it warm up I go back to fishing more.

Pictures from Sweetwater taken over several trips. A took a couple trips there this month. 




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