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1/25/2020 Trip to near shore reef to try for a sheepshead bite.

My records indicate there should be a good  sheephead bite now. Well I got a crew  2 and me for 3 on board. Talk about a cold ride out I had 4 layers on and my fingers were numb. We worked an area that in the past has produced fish 18 to 20 inch range.. Not this year  a few shorts very short and only 2 that were 13 inches ,in the past years we would have  released those also. We did catch mangroves that were 5 to 6 inches. We also boated two bonnet head sharks  on small hooks and had shrimp on for  for bait. They were happy to be on the water and get a good bend in the rod. Give me those hot summer days any time . 


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