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Great winter fishing

These have been just a few trips from this winter. This has been one of the better winters i can remember, not the best but a better one than most from the past 10 years. All those tiny reds we were getting last year have grown up and stuck around for us. Luckily most of my trips the anglers are catch and release so these fish will be around alot longer for us and have more babies and so on. As usual shrimp is the most productive bait when the water is 73 or lower. Ive been using jigs and shrimp for my anglers and dancing it across and over oyster bars. i havent even been bothering catching bait weve been catching so many fish on these tipped jigs and freelined shrimp its not worth the effort or time as it usually is not during winter months unless your on a specific big snook or a tarpon mission. when the water warms which it has often this winter, up to 80 degrees the tarpon have been popping up on these days and they are hungry. the shark fishing also has been really good this winter when weve had warm water. Not to mention when it warms up the fish are more aggressive and thats time to break out the top waters. i use spook jrs but my favorite go to is the mirrolure top dog jr. and top pup. They cast farther and the hooks are better not to mention just better made all around. remember winter fishing is Slow Fishing slow slow. most bites you dont even feel youll see your line move right or left and never even feel the bite some times. Plenty snook and black drum have been chewing the jigs as well this winter. I like white best. get out there and Tear Em Up!!!
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