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Costa trip report Jan 2020

pjepje Orlando , FlPosts: 768 Officer
I haven't written a report in a while , I'll try to do this more often . 

Flew into SJ and jumped a Sansa flight to Quepos and headed straight to the marina . The plan was to head out immediately , but ended up spending the night in the marina . 

Day 1 

 Left marina at 530 am and headed out . Found a submerged tree that was covered in mahi and had 5 or 6 on at once , even Chris was fighting one from the bridge . In the first 90 mins we kept 11 and cut off a lot more , and went 2/3 on sails . As the day went on we released a bunch more mahi , and went 6/9 on sails . 

 We spent the night halfway between Quepos and Golfito , I can't remember the name of the island right now , you can see it in the pictures . 

 Day 2 

 Woke up and started fishing , got into more mahi and some sails . The fishing was somewhat consistent all day . Came up on a raft and Chris decided to get in and see what was under it . Lot's of jacks and bait , with some mahi nearby . Headed back to the marina so Edward could catch an early flight back the next day . Ended up 7/12 on sails and 1/2 on blues . 

Day 3 

 Left marina at 530 and headed out , we didn't go far since we were coming in early to catch a flight back to SJ . We knew it would be slow , saw all the right signs . Tree in water , birds galore , but nothing home . Trolled by 4 LS boats that were down south , one was working a porpoise school with no luck . Got a few mahi and a sail . Headed back in to the marina to catch our flight back to SJ .  

​​​​​​​ Was a great trip , and nice to get my first blue of the year . Can't wait til next month ...


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