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Ranger 2260 Bay boat pros and cons

austjjaustjj Posts: 152 Deckhand
I am looking into another Ranger walleye but the price incentives make the Ranger Bay interesting model. They will give if I take ownership by March 31st, $2,000 rebate and Mercury $1,500 discount as well. I do like my Ranger 1850 its my second one. Also looking to buy the Ranger 1880 or the 1850 Appreciate comments from Ranger Bay boat. owners, especially those that own the Ranger 2260. I have my own electronics and will have local shop do my top.


  • cortrcortr Posts: 378 Deckhand
    I own a 2019 2510.  Great hull, but the finish and rigging at the factory was terrible. I ordered with every option, thinking that the factory could rig electronics,etc better than dealership. That was a mistake. I recommend installing what you can.  That way you will know what you are getting, and you should save some money, because factory installed options are usually more expensive.
  • austjjaustjj Posts: 152 Deckhand
    My biggest fear with Ranger is that is now owned by Bass Pro and Johnny Morris. I am keeping my 3 Garmin units and transducers which the dealer will install. I know that my dealer use to order most of his boat with Yamaha, not any more all in stock boats have Mercury engines. Thanks for your information and input much appreciated. In closing, your boat is not cheap for sure, sorry they did such a poor rigging job on it.
  • cortrcortr Posts: 378 Deckhand
    I agree that Johnny Morris will not help the Brand in the long term. He has been known to try and save money on things that are important. Was told the bean counters will instruct the factory to save a few pounds of fiberglass to improve the bottom line, but that will impact quality in the long run. It might be better to buy a used Ranger and re power and rig with new electronics. If you buy new, check it out close before accepting delivery, especially waterproofing console, hatches and anywhere holes were cut to install switches, screens, etc.  Also, check where hull is attached to deck under rub rail.  They removed screws holding deck to hull and filled with caulk to straighten out the gap, but over time this would have failed.  I had rubrail removed, caulk cleaned out, replaced screws that had been removed, straighten the line, and recalled properly. Just sloppy work at the factory that could have had resulted in deck separating from hull over time. I have fixed things myself, knowing that sending back to factory would only result in the same sloppy work being done again. I now have a solid boat, but only through a lot of extra work that should have not been necessary.  It is well known that there are morale issues at the factory, and Vexus Boats(all the former Ranger Management) is hiring away the good employees. So sad for a brand with such a great reputation
  • austjjaustjj Posts: 152 Deckhand
    Thank your cort, great input and information. I was told by my dealer that I could expect 3 more years out of my Yamaha 150 due to saltwater use two months out of the year. I have rock solid 2012 Ranger 1850 pre Johnny Morris. I am going to look into motor trade and cost to install a new Yamaha F150 or even a F115, at my age of 77 dont need speed but reliable power. I can also wait three more years and then decide my options if still around. I have updated my electronics in the last two years. Outfit has been great, this winter had to replace power trim motor and work on my Ranger aluminum trailer. They said since in salt, had to cut studs and replace lube and brakes. Next time will take to boat repair shop. I thank you again for taking time to write and give the pros and cons. I fear what you can not see on the new Rangers will be the big worries in the future. I know what I own now and how good it has been the last 7 years, This trip to Florida will begin year 8.
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