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  • spanglerspangler daBurgPosts: 2,709 Captain
    This has got me realizing I need to start putting something together while I still can.  I actually lived on the edge of the Wichita mountain range for a short spell. Always loved hearing them bugle. Once saw a few jump a 10' chain link fence like it was nothing.
    I know those hills too..
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  • FloridaODFloridaOD Posts: 3,828 Captain
    Author Rick Bass has produced wonderful writing about public lands back pack Elk hunting.
    As pleased as I am with Florida hunting, a Rick Bass type excursion would be grand.
    Hunters are present yet relatively uncommon in Florida :wink
  • plumber1969plumber1969 Posts: 330 Deckhand
    Guy all I can tell you is you just have to do it. If you go with the opinion that you are on an elk hiking/camping trip you will be better suited. The odds are low on OTC hunts, there is thousands upon thousands of acres. Enjoy the hunt and if you are rewarded with a kill, be prepared for the work to begin. The cow elk I killed in 2018 weighed in over 400 pounds, field dressed. This is no deer. She was aged at 9 years old. These are big animals. Watch YouTube and learn the different strategies used when hunting out west. Be physically fit because you cannot prepare enough for the lack of oxygen at 12,000 feet. 
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  • zimmy4209zimmy4209 Ocala FloridaPosts: 1,125 Officer
    my cousin shot a cow yesterday between the one his boy shot couoke months ago and this one I'd say they'll have a full freezer  All OTC tags 
  • aqualifeaqualife JupiterPosts: 51 Deckhand
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    Rokslide.com has all the info you seek.

    as others have stated you need to prepare for elevation when you live at 10 ft el. 
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