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Sharks in April

Hi all

Last summer we were over in June from England and for lots of reasons found the fishing challenging to say the least. However thanks to so many generous people on here spending time to give us advice we eventually had some amazing days mainly on shark.

As we don't have to worry about exams this year we are back to our normal 2 weeks in April rather than June. My question is will there be sharks around in the middle 2 weeks of April?  Obviously  the water will not be as warm. We were catching all sorts of sharks, Bonnetheads, Blacktip and lots and lots of Juveniles of indistinct flavor mixed in with a couple of large Nurse sharks.

Are they resident year round or do they move in with the warmer water? Although we will be fishing from a boat we are doing the shark course.

Many thanks


  • MulletMaster239MulletMaster239 Southwest FloridaPosts: 314 Deckhand
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    Yes you’re right, water won’t be as warm as in June but there should be lots of sharks in April. Sandbar sharks are still around in early April, blacktips, lemons, bulls, hammerheads, nurse sharks will be in the area, maybe an occasional tiger shark. Also several smaller species like blacknose, bonnetheads, and sharpnose sharks should be around too. Some species can be caught here even in the middle of winter, such as sandbar sharks, blacktips, bull sharks, and on the warmer winter evenings Lemon sharks also. Twelve months a year there is always some species of sharks around in this area. 

    Last spring was really infested with sharks more than I’ve ever seen. Had so many tarpon rigs bit off it was frustrating. Sometimes schools of blacktip sharks were so heavy they were getting caught up in my lines off the beaches. You’ll be here at a good time. 
  • tim2223tim2223 Cape CoralPosts: 52 Deckhand
    Thank you!!
    Yes I remember one day we were out and whole area of grass flat seemed to be moving with them.
    Looking forward to it again !!!
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