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Offshore st Aug 1-1-20

slightlystonedslightlystoned st augustinePosts: 19 Deckhand
Haven't been out in about a month and was wanting to chase some hoos. Forecast wasn't the greatest but have to work thursday so went for it. Cleared the inlet around 530 and it was pretty sloppy on the way out. Pushed SE of vilano about 40 mi and put the spread out. Picked up a blackfin on the daisy chain flyin fish lure and put him in the bag. Kept pushing east toward the ledge and picked up another tuna. Picked off a few kings and AJ's on spj's. Also released about 15 jacks and had about a 30lb scamp get clobbered by a shark about 30 ft below the boat. Good way to start the new year


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