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Shimano Speedmaster 2

HightidesHightides Posts: 11 Deckhand
Any opinions on these new reels? I have seen the icast review and would like to use one on a star plasma xh jigging rod. My question is, would this type of lever drag reel be appropriate for bottom fishing and which size is best the 12 or 16 as both have 40lb drags.
Thanks in advance for your comments



  • DrCokeDrCoke Posts: 177 Deckhand
    Don’t own the new speed master but do own the original Talica 16 2speed on a black fin rod #139. Loaded with power pro 50lbs and long 50 feet, 40lbs leader and have been happy with it. Generally use 4 to 8 oz weight and live ballyhoos or dead sardines. Drag set under 15 lbs. max might be over 22lbs but 15 is plenty.  At true 30lbs drag I can’t hold the rod very long.

    the 12 model is fine, the 16 adds more line capacity but wider spool gets annoying bottom fishing. 16 also allows you to troll so I less rod to bring.
  • HightidesHightides Posts: 11 Deckhand
    Thanks for your reply DrCoke.
    I will probably go with the 12. If the 16 is not wider and just has a deeper spool. I will go with the 16. Unfortunately the reels are new and not yet available. So I can't even go to a store and look at them.  But for $250 you can't go wrong.  I just picked up another 5.2 ft plasma xh jigging rod for $150 regularly $329. But they're going to a plasma 2 and are dumping the old line cheap. 
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